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Moments from the Life, Death, and Thereafter of Elliott Grant (2022) follows the story of a child born into a fractured world and forced to navigate an unclear – and sometimes seemingly meaningless – existence. Join Elliott on his journey as he topples a dystopian empire, just to lose himself; reclaims his purpose, to see it vanish; discovers peace, at the end of the world; and dies, not once, but twice. 

Throne of Three Shadows: A Hero's Beginning (2022) dives into a traditional, Middle Earth-styled fantasy novel.  This story serves as the prelude to a trilogy, and introduces ten heroes whose lives increasingly become intertwined as the Dark One prepares to lay claim the Four Realms once again. Ignorant of their role in the upcoming war, these heroes are all that stands in the way of the earth being veiled in darkness.  

Murder in Ferno (2023) is a tribute and modern take on Agatha Christie's marvelously devilish murder mystery genre. The story follows a League of video game players who have become world famous for staying alive for over 15 years in the Metaverse's first role playing game, Setalis. One stormy night, the power cuts out, and the leader's character is killed. Then, the player himself dies from an apparent suicide. With no leads, Detective Loque lo'White must delve into the Metaverse, and parse reality from fiction, in order to solve what really happened. 

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